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Creating Content That Converts People into Customers

As far as marketing goes, content is perhaps the most important kit for effective marketing. The twist to content being important is that you have to know which type of content to utilize to ensure maximum returns in your investment.

In marketing, you are never entitled to your audience’s attention, you have to earn it with Quality content, the type that we offer at Amplified Intelligence.

Quality content helps you communicate and relate with your chosen target audience in a way that their reaction is profitable.

Research and analysis have shown that the premium content that is guaranteed to convert audience to your side must contain stories.

As a brand, you are a creator of experiences for individuals, you have the liberty to tell stories to people who would in turn fall in love with this relatable story and patronize your brand.

In storytelling, every topic can be interesting. The plot twist here is that your stories should contain effective call to action with a single point of focus.

Many brands grow simply by telling the stories of existing customers to potential clients because they know that human beings trust the opinions and judgements of other people better than they trust sellers. So, reviews and recommendations are usually the first thing a new client will check before settling to purchase from you.

The typical content that is sure to create conversions must be Agile, Authentic, Attention seeking and Actionable.

Agile: Creating content that is agile simply means you’re telling an interactive story over time. You start out knowing who you want to reach and you start with an understanding of the problems and desires they have, but you adapt to the feedback you get from the audience in real time. Which means your content is agile enough to tweak itself to align with feedback gotten from other customers.

Authentic: This type of content appeals to your potential client’s day to day lives, their hopes, dreams, desires, frustrations, problems and pain, it is so authentic that your client will feel comfortable trusting and relying on what your brand is selling because they feel a REAL connection to the authenticity of your stories and content.

Attention seeking: Your standard content should be a seeker of attention. In a world where the actual attention span of a millennial cannot be considered constant, there’s a dire struggle to capture the attention of every digitalized fellow out there. For your content to convert, it needs to successfully draw attention towards itself. Earning attention depends on your knowledge of your buyer’s persona and knowing what makes your prospective client pause and stare.

Actionable: The actionable content relies on your audience because at this point, they know you, like you and trust you. They may even beg you to sell something to them because of the agile, authentic and attention seeking content you have built with them. After understanding your audience, you then create actionable content that sells an irresistible offer to your audience with the aim of turning audience into long-term customers.

With these four tools aimed at a specific and targeted base, we can create the perfect content for your marketing that will surely surpass your desired results.

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