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Empathy in Digital Marketing

Brands find it hard to believe and come to terms with infusing “emotions” in brand marketing.

Empathy is the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing from within their frame of reference, that is, the capacity to place oneself in another’s position.” 


Simply put, it is the ability to feel what another person is feeling.

As a brand, empathy towards prospective clients is a major tool that can be used to stamp your brand name in the hearts of many.

Empathy in digital marketing aims to aid you to assess the kind of people you are marketing to. It is a deep research method that helps you make your marketing about your potential clients, your brand voice speaks more of “what do they desire” instead of “what do we want them to do”. Most brands don’t do this so having us in your corner is a sure advantage to you and your brand because we take steps that others don’t even know about to ensure results are met.

Empathy however should not be mistaken for sympathy. Empathy is a higher level of feeling towards the relationship between your brand and your consumers that may grow into compassion (empathy plus action). Former LinkedIn CEO, Jeff Weiner, has always been a huge proposer of compassion even in corporate environment, according to him, his greatest tool to successfully dealing with human beings can be seen when he added action to empathy.

With empathy, your marketing strategy will be welcomed by most people and even turn into a symbiotic relationship between your brand and its audience.

Empathy opens up a whole new level in research and marketing that enables you to be aware of what your prospective client is thinking, seeing, doing and feeling as far as your brand is concerned.

When carrying out research that will later be used as an empathy map, you will have to deepen your research about your avatar (the representation of your prospective client).

Write down the things you find out about your potential clients in order to enable you better understand your future clients.

Take note of how they think, what they look at, what they do and how they appear to feel when your brand is mentioned to them. You don’t have to always be right, these things can’t be asked, they are only noticed so except you have psychic abilities, you may not always be correct about this and it’s very okay.

With this empathic research, you can be sure to always present products and services that will be accepted by your targeted individuals.

Empathy in digital marketing does not leave social media out. Social media is in fact a great place to get reaction of individuals about a certain topic of interest. Those likes, comments, retweets and shares reflect how a certain demographic reacts to your products and content or posts and how many other people in similar range (age, career and the likes) are prone to react to your brand products.

Empathy in digital marketing is all about tracking your client’s journey from the moment they know about you and your brand to the moment they become your customers.

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