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Free consultation versus Paid consultation; What you truly need

As a brand or business owner, you might jump happily at the idea of getting free consultation from a consultant or consulting firm. You are right to be happy because the right firm will offer you reasonably good consultation for free, but the truth still remains that people do not value what they get for free.

You can (and you probably will) get some form of consultation service for free but it will only be a surface level service, there WILL be a myriad of other BENEFICIAL services you will get if you only paid for value.

Below are somethings you may be missing out on when you rely solely on free consultation.

  1. Value: The value of something is hidden in its worth and whatever comes free is not worth anything so it is not sincerely valuable. If a consulting firm offers you free services, chances are that such services are offered to other brands, even your competitors. In order to get awesome valuable functional expertise, objective opinion, and creativity, you will need to pay for what you value.
  2. Follow Up: This is an important aspect of consulting because after a firm has offered its services to you and your brand, the only way to make sure you are doing the right thing is by carrying out follow up checks with you. Now when you get these services for free, you can be sure to miss out on the awesome follow-ups that come with every good consultation.
  3. Market Research and Analysis: In all sincerity, you will only get good market research and analysis for free when you have a personal relationship with the consultant or owner of the consulting firm you are working with. Sometimes, personal relationships are even put aside when dealing with professional engagements. Market research is a key ingredient to brand growth and so you will most likely get this only from paid consultation.
  4. Solving Problems: Virtually every business run into problems at one point in time. It is the job of every consulting firm to penetrate your business and troubleshoot it. Then they find out your brand challenges (present and future) and they do all they can to provide solutions to these problems. A consulting firm can point out the problems facing your business for free but in order for them to solve these problems, you will have to pay for their services.

There are even many more services you miss out on when you decide to go for free consultations so you know what is best for your brand. We are only letting you know this because we know how much you value your brand and at Amplified Intelligence, we only want the best for you and your brand.

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