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How to own your Assets as a Brand!

A brand asset is simply any digital file or document in hardware that is used or has been used for branding purposes or marketing activity.

Owning your assets as a brand is quite an important step to branding because it includes stamping and sealing digital (or even hardcopy) materials so that once any individual comes across such material, they immediately know that the material belongs to your brand.

Before we move to tell you how you can own your brand assets, we must first tell you what your brand assets are. Your brand assets include

  1. A standard logo, usually in several forms.
  2. Graphics and digital artworks for advert placement on social media, billboards and the likes.
  3. Marketing materials like business cards, letterheads and other types of stationary.
  4. Documents, articles and guidelines about your brand.
  5. Video templates, presentation templates and other publications by your brand.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let us move on to how you can firmly own these assets. It is also important to note that existing customers and clients are perhaps your most important assets as a brand.

So how do you own your assets?

  1. Keep your marketing team loyal: Your marketing team is in charge of your brand public representation, in other words, they are in charge of making you look good to your prospective clients, if these people do not perform up to par and stay loyal to your brand, your assets may just be gone with the wind in no time.
  2. Learn the art of consistency: As a brand, you need to ensure you are consistent with your brand logo, watermarks, signages, slangs, messages, and everything involving your brand and the public. You should be consistent with these things to the point that even without seeing a name, the masses know it is your brand speaking to them.
  3. Make your customers work for you: These days, marketing has transitioned from a ‘brand to customer’ relationship to a ‘customer to customer’ relationship. As a brand, you can own your assets by making your customers refer more customers to you without even knowing. Ask your customers to recommend your brand to their friends and families and give them a discount for each person they refer. You not only gain more clients, but you also increase in revenue.
  4. Never stop marketing: Even when your brand name or logo is already a household figure, never stop repeating it in your adverts and campaigns. This ensures that your brand remains carved in the hearts of many no matter what happens.
  5. Copy your assets: Copying your assets include placing a copyright law everything that belongs to you to ensure your assets are not copied or imitated by anyone other than yourself. This way, you remain unique and original in a world of many fakes.

These are some of the major steps you can follow to ensure you firmly own and hold on to your brand assets. It does not stop here, there is definitely more to branding that we will disclose subsequently.

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