What makes a successful brand owner

Brand owners of today may have forgotten how to be successful, see what we found.
Some years back, I came across an article somewhere (I’m not sure if it was online or offline) and that article really took me on a journey because somehow it connected with me. I took bullet points from that article and I never shared them with anyone up until now.
So if you’re reading this, you should know that these points are still very valid today and that ‘s why I figured I’d share it with as many people as I can. Without further delay, here are SEVEN things to do to become or remain successful as a BRAND OWNER.

  1. Be Competitive: Not all competitions have to be unhealthy, you need to know this. You can be competitive with yourself in fact, Just challenge yourself, always try to do better and improve on your last performance, and be healthy about it. Healthy competitions with friends are encouraged too, make the challenge fun, task your friends and see who does it better, this way, you learn to learn from friends even while having fun. This tip is super helpful if you wish to attain a certain level of success or remain successful.
  2. Finish Things: This is one habit human beings never take seriously, especially creative individuals like painters, writers, artists, etc. They feel like because they have a certain skill like the ability to create stories for fun, they can start a story and leave it halfway and because no one else knows about it, they decide not to finish it. Dears, the habit of finishing things needs to be adopted, never start a race you won’t finish, only losers quit. Winners finish things. 
  3. Always Learn: You know they didn’t lie when they said “The key to success is to never stop learning”. Even the richest man today still learns something every day. The fun part about this is that no one has to know you have made a resolution to learn something every day so no one gets to decide what you learn. It could be anything, it could be a piece of random information that is new to your understanding, learn it! Always learn something new (or even old) every day, you’ll see that success will come along.
  4. Be passionate: See, without passion in the things that we do, we can never really be successful. Passion is the fuel that drives our engines to our point of desires. Without passion for what we do, we become lost on the way and never get to our desired destination. So passion is what we all really need as brand owners, plus you know they knew what they were saying when they said “make your passion your profession and success will follow you”.
  5. Have awesome SOI: You must be wondering what SOI means, it means “Speed Of Implementation”. What were you thinking? LOL!
    By having an awesome speed of implementation, you absorb content in whatever way and then you birth an idea but you don’t wait until the fizz of the idea dies down, no, you implement that idea almost immediately. That is an awesome speed of implementation. Successful people are always working because they are passionate about what they do and this passion makes them always think about their jobs which makes them come up with ideas for their business regularly and which makes them work regularly. They never stop thinking about their passion so they always come up with great ideas for their passion and their SOI makes them implement these ideas with immediate alacrity. This is something successful people won’t tell you so value it!
  6. Take action even when uncertain: As a brand owner, you will be caught up in difficult situations, situations that may require you to take deep actions, never ever stay dormant. Always do something, don’t worry about being right or wrong, as far as it’s your call, take a step! Take action, even when you are uncertain about the consequences of the action because if you take great actions, then you have gained and if you take a wrong action, you’ll learn from the mistake and own up to the consequences of your action and you will not make such a mistake again but if you never take any action, then you’ll never know and you’ll keep being dormant until you wither away.
  7. Value your time very much: Last but certainly not least, value your time very much! You must have known there cannot be a list about success without involving the grandmaster; time. Time is money and so if you don’t / can’t value your time then it’s safe to assume you have no regard for money and you might as well never get successful without money. Never waste your own time, create a working schedule that allows you to spend quality time with your friends and family but also leaves you time for yourself. If you wish to attain success, never waste any second of your time, never engage in activities that are not beneficial to you or your business, value your time and you’ll see how success will be attracted to you and your brand

Ammarachi Glory Anyanwu – CEO/Managing Director

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